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Mindfulness for Life (MBCT-L)

This course is designed to cultivate mindful awareness so that we can live our lives with a greater sense of wellbeing, kindness and resilience. It is an evidence-based course, developed in the light of research at Oxford University and other leading research centres.


Click here to listen to Willem Kuyken talking about the course.

The intentions of the course are to offer some skills to meet life’s challenges and difficulties, both internal and external, as well as skills to develop more awareness and appreciation of the pleasant moments in life that we can often overlook. In other words, to respond more skillfully to all of life’s inevitable ups and downs.

Format:  8 weekly sessions lasting 2 hours and 15 minutes and ‘Day of Practice’ after week 6 lasting 6 hours.

On this course you will learn the following skills:

  • How to stabilise the attention: to recognise mind wandering and ‘autopilot’, and how to bring the attention back to where we want it to be.

  • Learning more about two different ways of being and knowing: through direct experience and through thinking. Understanding more about how the mind creates meaning.

  • Learning to recognise our patterns of reactivity and how trying to get rid of distress may actually keep us stuck.

  • Bringing a sense of care and kindness to ourselves in those moments of distress and reactivity.

  • Using mindfulness to respond skillfully, not react – in ways that support the wellbeing of ourselves and of others around us.

  • To ‘step back’ a little from our direct experience so that we can see it more clearly, and so choose a kinder response.

  • Building what we have learnt into our everyday lives.

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