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About Me

I first encountered Mindfulness in 2012 on a Mindfulness Based Stressed Reduction Course. The very first session become a pivotal point in my life. Soon after, I trained and delivered “.b” and “paws b” curricula with Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP), which is part of both formal and extra-curricular national programmes. I have successfully taught young people and children in a number of schools in London.

As my confidence and knowledge around the subject grew, I started feeling the need to work with adults. With encouragement and support from my colleagues and friends, I trained as a Mindfulness teacher at Bangor University.

The first course that I led for adults, even though challenging and scary at the time, made me realise that I wanted to commit to the work of sharing my experience and knowledge by working with adults. I continue learning and expanding my knowledge in this field as well as making contributions to projects such as Mindfulness Curriculum for students aged 11-16 in Poland, of which I am the co-author.

Mindfulness has become a resource that I draw onto in times of difficulty and also a magnifying glass for the joys that I encounter on the way. I believe that the openness and self-discovery through non-judgemental awareness can lead to a healthier, calmer and more satisfying life.


My journey of mindfulness is one that I would like to share with others as it is the practice that has given me the opportunity to discover my potential.

I continue learning and expanding my knowledge about how we learn and fulfil our potential and in May 2021 I became a certified Mental Health Trainer. 

I am a certified and listed teacher at BAMBA, the British Association of Mindfulness Based Approaches (formerly the UK Network for Mindfulness Based Teacher Training Organisations). I abide by their Good Practice Guidelines that include receiving regular supervision, holding professional indemnity insurance, engaging in continuing professional development and maintaining my own daily meditation practice.

At the beginning of 2022 I became retreat coordinator at the Sharpham Coach House Retreat Centre where I coordinate mindfulness and nature connection retreats for 14 months. I now lead retreats at the Sharpham House Retreat Centre.

This role has allowed me to align with what I value most and commit more deeply to my practice.

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