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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

MBSR is the most recognised mindfulness training. It is widely researched and over 100 randomised control studies show its effectiveness in developing increased productivity, sharpening focus, improving sleep, relieving pain, managing anxiety, coping with illness and feeling a deeper sense of peace.


Format: An orientation session, 8 sessions lasting 2 hours each and a day retreat.


Session themes:

  1. Autopilot. Shifting from autopilot to the present moment. Opportunity for learning, growth and change can only take place in the immediate point of time.

  2. Perception and responding. It is not what you see but how you see it. The lens through which we see the world shapes our experience, our personalities and our behaviour.

  3. The power of the present. Learning about your patterns of reacting to life’s challenges. Watching in the moment as your mind tends to cling to certain ideas or avoid experiences.

  4. Coping with life’s challenges. Understanding how perception shapes experience and sets off automatic reactions.

  5. Responding instead of reacting. Dealing with difficult emotions and sensations in skilful ways.

  6. Connecting. Bringing mindfulness to your relationships and communications with others. Working with difficult situations by knowing your feelings and expressing them skilfully.

  7. Taking Care. Developing a healthier sense of confidence by taking care of yourself.

  8. Bringing it all together in your own personal plan.



Deepening mindfulness in a full day of practice between week 6 and 7 of the programme. Developing mindfulness over a day of silence. Widening your awareness and self-knowledge.

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