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Courses for children and young people
.b Mindfulness in Schools Project


.b pronounced [dot-b] curriculum, stands for a short practice, which is at the heart of the course.

Mindfulness for 11-18 year olds.

Length: 8 sessions lasting 40 mins each.

Session themes:

  1. Playing Attention

  2. Taming the Animal Mind

  3. Recognising Worry

  4. Being Here and Now

  5. Moving Mindfully

  6. Stepping Back

  7. Befriending the Difficult

  8. Taking in the Good

  9. Pulling it All Together


Potential benefits:

  • experience of greater well-being (e.g. feeling happier, calmer, more fulfilled),

  • fulfilment of potential and pursuing their own goals, e.g. being more creative, more relaxed academically and/or personally,

  • improved concentration and focus in classes, in exams and tests, on the sports field, when playing games, when paying attention and listening to others,

  • increased ability to work with difficult mental states such as depressive, ruminative and anxious thoughts and low moods,

  • improved ability to cope with the everyday stresses and strains of adolescent life such as exams, relationships, sleep problems, family issues.

Paws b Mindfulness in Schools Project

Paws b pronounced [pause be] curriculum.


Mindfulness for 7-11 year olds.


Length: 6 sessions lasting 1hr or 12 sessions lasting 30 mins each.

Session themes:

  1. Our Amazing Brain

  2. Making Choices

  3. Puppy Training

  4. Everyday Mindfulness

  5. Noticing the Wobble

  6. Finding a Steady Place

  7. Working with Difficulty

  8. Choosing your Path

  9. The Storytelling Mind

  10. Stepping Back

  11. Growing Happiness

  12. The Yum Factor


The aim of the course:


  • to promote well-being and resilience,

  • to offer knowledge and skills applicable to the child’s life,

  • to extend the thinking skills - learning which is promoted in the national curriculum such as neuroscience and metacognition.

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